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    Portraits, Weddings and Events

    Creativity, beauty and a sense of the unique.
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    Photography Workshops and Courses

    With over 20 interactive workshops to select from, there is something for every level of photographer.



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    Travel, Tours and Safaris

    Half Day Photographic City Safaris

    See the world through the eyes of a travel photographer and capture the memories on your own camera

    Available in 10 cities!

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Amazing Specials from Remember Forever


Check out our weekly specials where you can save up to 75% on the cost of portrait shoots, workshops - and maybe even wedding photography.

Or if that special occasion is coming up, why not give the gift of memories and purchase a gift voucher for that special someone!

What we do

  • Portraits, Weddings & Events

    From Families to Fashion - Newborns to Maternity, Glamour and Artistic - Weddings & Events to Remember Forever.

  • Corporate Teambuilding

    Forget the trust-fall. Our carefully developed corporate events are fun, exciting and bring the team together!

  • Workshops, Classes & Courses

    More than 20 different highly reviewed courses with something for beginners all the way to the professionals.

  • Tours, Travel & Safaris

    Whether it's for a half a day or an extended trip, Remember Forever Safaris give you a tour to Remember Forever.


Since 2008 ...


We don't just want happy customers, we aim to thrill our customers. Through our photos, our classes and our caffeination.


thrilled clients


photographs taken


classes run


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Our Locations

In the United States, Remember Forever offers five amazing full-time locations, with many more on the way. Our professional photographers are available in New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Have your family memories captured in downtown Manhattan, or capture that wedding in Boston Common. You can attend a workshop overlooking the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall or do a safari of Washington D.C. including the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument.

The original home of Remember Forever is down under - and we still call Australia home. Our professional photographers are available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for portraits, weddings, events, workshops and safaris. We also offer an amazing Gold Coast Safari in Surfers Paradise!

We're Expanding

There are a number of cities we are looking to open. Please contact us if you are interested in franchise opportunities for Remember Forever in these cities.

New Orleans, LASEATTLE, WA
Los Angeles, CAMIAMI, FL
San Francisco, CASAVANNAH, GA


Photographic Services

Family Portraits


Whether it is time to wrangle all the family together, or you've welcomed a new edition - these are the memories you need captured perfectly.

Corporate Teambuilding


Expertly developed with teambuilding, problem solving, communication and fun in mind, let us take care of your next staff training event.

Wedding Photography


The most important day of your life is the most important day of ours. Our wedding packages are as perfect as you want the day to be.

Event Photography


Whether it's a small meeting of 6, or a conference of thousands, capture every moment perfectly. We even do Bachelorette/Hens Parties.

Glamour Photography


Whether you want a magazine style glamour shoot, a sensual boudoir style or something a little more artistic, our focus is on beautiful images of you.



In case still photography is not enough, our professional team can also capture those special moments on video - for you to play back forever.


Beautiful Photography is Our Benchmark


Regardless of the photographic service you need, Remember Forever is an industry leader dedicated to providing amazing images.

Awesome Design


Photography Workshops for Every Level!


Remember Forever has developed a range of more than 20 photography workshop modules comprising one of the most in-depth curriculums in the industry.

Our workshops range from beginner classes for those who have never held a camera - to a more advanced and focused class for the professional or further-along enthusiast. 

All of our instructors are not only expert photographers but also teachers, driven by their passion for photography and their desire to spread that passion with the world.
Private classes are also available if you prefer a 1-on-1 learning method.


  • Beginner Courses

    Love Your Camera (Introduction to DSLR)

    People, Children & Family

    Places, Landscapes and Travels

    Photography at Night

    Point and Click Photography


  • Intermediate Courses

    Sports and Action

    Animals, Wildlife and Pets

    Your Friends' Wedding

    Macro Photography

    Events & Parties

    Food Photography

    Photoshop 1

  • Advanced Courses

    Newborns & Babies

    Kids at Play

    Artistic Portraiture

    Models & Fashion


    Forests, Trees and Waterfalls

    Urban Landscapes

    Indoors & Interiors

    Photoshop 2

  • Special Event / Seasonal

    Cherry Blossoms (D.C. Only)

    Fall Foliage

    Holiday and Christmas Lights

    Fireworks Photography

    Masterclasses and Special Events


Travel, Tours & Safaris


    Half Day Photographic Safaris

    When you travel, two things are tempting. The first is to treat your camera like a machine gun, rapidly firing and coming home with a million mediocre images. The other is to give up and purchase a souvenir photograph, inevitably the same print that every tourist purchases.
    Remember Forever's Half Day Safaris allow you to step into the shoes of a travel photographer, and be guided on your vacation by a professional who knows the city, the iconic photos - who will also teach you how to capture them.  That way, when you get home, load your photographs on Facebook and all your friends 'like' them, you can say with pride, that you captured that image!
    From the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, to uptown, midtown or downtown Manhattan and the beaches and harbours of Australia, Remember Forever host safaris every week in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Surfers Paradise.

    Read More


    Photographic Expeditions and Touring

    Now there is something for the adventurous traveller with a camera! Remember Forever Photographic Expeditions provide you with the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime with a like-minded group of people, all armed with camera gear and led by a professional travel photographer.

    Photographic Expeditions will be officially launching in 2015, with iconic destinations around the world being offered to explore, amaze, delight and photograph.

    We are looking at destinations including Machu Picchu, South African safaris, the jungles of Borneo and the streets of Vietnam. We want to explore the castles of Europe, the Amazon, the Nile, the Rhine, and the Yangtze.  If a Remember Forever Photographic Expedition is something you're interested in, email: travel@rememberforever.co to register your interest today!



Remember Forever Membership

Be part of a community of Photographers, whether it is just online and sharing your photos and learning from your peers - or joining in the exclusive events for members! Join the Diamond club for unlimited workshops and even more exclusive special events!

Membership Pricing


$5 .00

per month
  • Online Community
  • Photo of the Day Club
  • Hosted Online Galleries
  • Photography Competitions


$15 .00

per month
  • Exclusive Members Nights
  • Completion Certificates
  • Online Community
  • Photo of the Day Club
  • Hosted Online Galleries
  • Photography Competitions



per month
  • 4x Classes during your Membership
  • Exclusive Members Nights
  • Completion Certificates
  • Online Community
  • Photo of the Day Club
  • Hosted Online Galleries
  • Photography Competitions


$50 .00

per month
  • 12x Classes during your Membership
  • Exclusive Members Nights
  • Completion Certificates
  • Online Community
  • Photo of the Day Club
  • Hosted Online Galleries
  • Photography Competitions

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New Website - Features, Glitches and Bugs

Oct 27, 2014

Hi Everyone,

If you're reading this then you're wondering what may be new on the new website - and also what may not be working. Here's a quick guide to what you can now do, and what glitches we are aware of. Please note, we are working hard to ensure that…

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4 Quick Tips for Photographing a Meteor Shower

Oct 03, 2014

The Perseid meteor shower made its annual appearance this August. Each year, the Earth passes through the orbit of the Swift Tuttle comet and is showered with debris causing the night sky to light up with as many as 60 shooting stars per hour. For this year's…

RAW Processing vs Photoshop Manipulation

Apr 25, 2014

I read a blog recently discussing the value of utilizing Photoshop in your photography. The author of the blog seemed to come down firmly on the fence saying that he felt it added to photos in ways we couldn’t replicate in camera, that he used it sometimes,…

Days 43-52 - Atlanta, GA

Mar 30, 2014

Written by Luke Ballard


This is the story of a fantastic 8 day week!

Our week started on Monday with St Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia. For the last several weeks, our numerous friends in Savannah have been touting their celebrations as the second…

Days 38-43 - Jacksonville, FL

Mar 21, 2014

Written by Luke Ballard


When I left you last week, the mood was pretty grim. I’ve received quite a few “hang in there” emails over the last week and I do appreciate everyone’s encouragement.


Jacksonville made it very easy for us to gain some…

Days 29-37 - New Orleans, LA

Mar 14, 2014

This week’s installment starts and ends with being miserable in rural Alabama.  This is quite an achievement when you consider that this week was spent in New Orleans, photographing Mardi-Gras and teaching workshops in one of my favorite cities in the…

Quick Tips for Better Black and White Photos!

Mar 13, 2014

So lately, I've been on a bit of a black and white kick with my cityscapes. Like listening to music on vinyl, or driving a stick shift, there's a timeless appeal to black and white photos that I'll always love no mater how far technology advances.

But most…

Days 23-28 - Savannah

Mar 06, 2014

Written by Luke Ballard


More and more, the underlying theme of our Photographing America journey is how fantastic and wonderful are the people we meet.

Savannah, not even an exception to the rule, actually managed to raise the bar a little bit, and I have…

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Awesome Photographers - The Amazing Team



Luke Ballard

CEO & Founding Photographer
Coffee Junkie, Photography Guru
Writes all the Workshops

Matthew Tetrault
Operations Manager - USA
New England Sports Nut, Hockey
Player, Fan of Quidditch

Toni Bilson-Sargent

Operations Manager - Australia
Chief Director of Arts & Crafts
Voice on the Phone in Australia

Heidi McNulty

Photographer DC
Graphic Designer, Taco Bell Addict
Most awesome person on the planet.

Kirsten Harlech-Jones
Assistant Mgr/Photographer - Sydney
Hereditary Photographer, Fine Artist
Energetic & Brilliant Instructor

Jeroen Plooster
Photographer - Brisbane
Dutch Import, Financial Genius
Best Brisbane Instructor Ever

Michelle Foong
Photographer - Perth
Undisputed and Reigning Queen of
Night Photography and Light Painting

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